Thrifty Telescoping tube string snapping

When we attempt to retract our telescoping tube, if we retract it even the tiniest too far the string inside the telescope completely snaps. Is there something we’re doing wrong here that’s causing this?

How is the string attached on the end on your mechanism? Is the rope actually snapped or is it just coming undone? A picture would help too.

We had a similar issue last year, the solution is to put soft stops in code before it hits the bottom, or modify your climber to use ratchet straps or smth similar

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I can’t get a picture unfortunately due to connection issues but it’s tied to our top bar and around a shaft at the base that our motor is connected to. Our string is physically snapping and not coming undone.

Are you using the string that came with it or something else?

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I agree with finding a way to program in a limit switch or a way to know if you’re over driving it. Also make sure there are no sharp edges on the connection point. The rope failing is probably protecting the system from damaging itself in other ways, so having that as a failure point isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Feel free to PM me an address and I can send more rope though.


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