ThriftyBot Telescope lead time?

My wife’s team ordered a ThriftyBot telescope a couple weeks ago. It hasn’t arrived and TB is not responding to emails. I supposed they’re swamped with orders.

If you’ve ordered and received a ThriftyBot telescope, how long did it take to arrive?

@Ryan_Dognaux posted this on Wednesday

And good news on those who pre-ordered round 2 - plates are arriving today, constant force springs have shipped and so has additional dyneema cable. We’re very much on schedule to hit the target I laid out in the product listing of starting to ship round 2 orders next week.

There seems to be a good chance that your round 2 telescope pre-order will ship next week.

When someone receives a round 2 pre-order, please post to let others know that their shipment is probably not far behind. I expect Ryan will probably post again in the thread I linked above once round 2 pre-orders start to become orders.

We ordered on kickoff day so we probably beat the surge of orders, but we had parts in hand four days after ordering.

I’d say you definitely beat the surge in demand on this one. Ryan posted on the 9th is looks like saying he expected to be out of round 1 parts/kits on the 10th or 11th. These things look to be selling like hot cakes (for obvious reasons!).

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@Kevin_Thorp I have not received an email as far as I know, but many have been ending up in spam lately which I check daily but there’s still a chance I missed it. PM me with your order information and I can let you know what’s going on.

I’ll update the product listing here within the next few days of the first order number for round 2 tube kits to the most current order number so people can estimate where they’re at ‘in line.’ We’re spending this weekend kitting more hardware as plates and springs have arrived, just waiting for dyneema cable to arrive which has shipped as well.

The lead time for round 2 pre-orders has been listed on the product listing since it went live. We are still on target to start shipping out round 2 next week. I feel I have been transparent with the schedule for round 2 tube kits in order to allow teams to make the decision on ordering a set or not. We sold out of round 1 in a few days. My apologies, I’m doing the best I can.


Dude, you’re doing amazing. Considering the limited resources and infrastructure you’re working with, it blows my mind that you’re handling the volume of orders that you are in a timely fashion. I’m thoroughly impressed by what you’re pulling off.


Thanks Karthik. Without the help of my wife I’d be dead in the water. She’s a saint and monthly is always the Thrifytbot Most Valuable Employee. Probably 90% of orders have been packed by her this season so if you get some candy or an excessive number of stickers or a fun robot drawing, that’s all her.


The candy was an awesome surprise for me yesterday. Right when I opened the box my insulin pump alarmed for low blood sugar and I was pleasantly surprised to have you solve two problems with one order! Tell your wife thanks for the save!


Order # 2331. She also sent a couple emails to [email protected], but it came back as undeliverable.

Thank you for looking into this.

Just a heads up, the email is [email protected]. Forgot “the”

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My mistake. I misunderstood my wife. She clicked the email link on the Thrifty Bot website & it sent the message to [email protected]

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Sounds like an e-mail issue more than anything, I receive e-mails all the time through [email protected] and try to be pretty prompt about responding.

I’ve responded via PM with your order status information. We’ll start getting round 2 tube kits out by tomorrow at the latest and will update a table on the product listing with the last tube kit order number shipped each day.



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Thank you for the fast response. And thank you for providing good parts at good prices.


Hello, our team has not ordered a climber as of yet because we were not confident that we would be leaving ourselves enough time to actually build and test it. We ended up beginning prototyping on a fallback passive climb system as we were not confident in fabricating our own telescoping climber system. I navigated on the website until just before actually putting in my card information and I could not find anywhere what order number i would be buying. Is there anyway for me to see where on the list of backorders I sit before I buy it. At the time of writing this the order shipped chart says order 2306 just shipped. If i placed my order today with two day air shipping do you have any estimate as to when it might arrive? Thank you for any and all help and thank you for providing your product for less experienced teams.

James -

Thanks, I just made that table this morning and am still thinking about how to best communicate where people are ‘in line’ so to speak.

I could provide the ‘last tube kit order number’ but there have been roughly 500-ish orders since the 1st round 2 tube kit order to current, so I feel this number would be unhelpful.

I think maybe ‘remaining tube kit orders to ship’ may be more helpful? But if others have ideas I’m definitely open to them.

TL;DR - we’ve got about 130-ish round 2 tube kit orders to get out this week and we’re working through that backlog in the order they came in. It will likely take us the whole week to do this, so if you’re just now ordering expect to see something go out next week. Just being upfront and realistic here.

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ok, thank you
yea unfortunately its kind of difficult to gauge timing giving all of the unknown times involved with making these products. I think everyone gets that and to echo what others have said it’s still impressive that you can manage as many orders as you are. To be honest i think the last order shipped system is fine as long as the buyer can easily know his order number and a vague idea of how quickly orders are going out.

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