Throttle Axis on Logitech Extreme 3D Pro


I’m trying to figure out the way to reference the throttle on the Logitech Extreme 3d Pro. We’re using C++. I’m assuming that since this Joystick has 3 axis on the joystick (x, y, twist), the throttle (slider) and 12 buttons that the joystick initialization would be:

myJoystick = new Joystick(1, 4, 12);

Or, does the POV hat show up as a 5th axis?

Next, once I’ve got the Joystick instantiated, I should be able to read the axis as:


And it should return a value between 0 and 1 or -1 and 1?

If any of you have any sample code you’d care to part with, I’d sure appreciate it. Our main software developer is in a canoe up near Canada. So, I’m trying to figure out this stuff as quickly as I can.



What we do is instead of creating a custom joystick object is to instead use the default joystick object. Using that, and the getRawAxis() function, with printf or cout, you can see which axis is being manipulated when you change the throttle.


joystick *MyJoystick;

MyJoystick = new joystick();

printf(“Axis 1: %f Axis 2: %f …”, MyJoystick->getRawAxis(1), MyJoystick->getRawAxis(2));

Great! I’ll give that a shot to see what the robot does!



Do anyone know how to program the hat switch? is it a axis or is it a button?
im using java.

It’s axes. I think it’s 5&6.