Throttle control motor gears?

Ive been looking at using some of our denso throttle control motors for an offseason project and am having troubles finding gears to mesh with the pre-installed gear. Does anyone know where to get these gears? The specs are provided on the first choice sight this year here

Usual suspect:

Could also check Amazon, eBay, Boston Gear, Rush Gears, etc.

The key thing is the .75 module pitch (means it’s metric) and the pressure angle (20 Degrees). Any gear you mate with it needs to have those same specs.

Buying sets of odd module metric gears will be difficult due to availability, and will be more expenive than standard 20DP / 14.5 angle gearing offered by Vex and Andymark.

I would suggest removing the stock pinion and replacing it with a standard gear would be the best long term approach. You can order spur gear stock and cut it to length. Center drill (in a lathe) to fit the shaft. I’d suggest the addition of a small tapped side hole for a set screw rather than trying to achieve a press fit onto the shaft.

If you can fine another gear just like it, you can simply integrate it into your gearbox by making the correct shaft for it.
Most years there is no need for the throttle motors, as many mechanisms can simply be powered with pneumatics (6 cims, 4 minicims/bags, 4 Banebots motors, plus some others is a lot of motors) . As a project all on its own, making a gearbox for it would be interesting. I believe there was a similar attempt to use it on here recently.

yes there was another thread recently with a similar ambition as mine. I too am looking into possibly trying to make a gearbox for these motors. If I can make one that is reasonably easy to make, it would allow teams with a lower budget to have a wider range of options with motors/gearing.

I am not familiar with these motors. What advantage would they have as opposed to some of the more commonly utilized motors. Do they have a characteristic that sets them apart and makes them worth this trouble?

The biggest advantage to me is their availability. Almost every year we get at least one of these in the KOP (this year we got 8!) and they just keep piling up in our work space. A gearbox that utilizes these would allow for what is currently thought of as useless (or virtually useless) motor, to become a useful one. I doubt that teams that can afford multiple versaplanetary’s would opt for this option, but for teams with less funding/experience, this could be a viable option for low power requirements.

I would like to get rid of 19 of these motors. They are just taking up space. Never been used! FREE! PM me if interested.

I’ll take them!

We have I think 17 years worth. I wonder how many that is? I don’t think we’ve ever thrown one away.

sdp-si sells gears that will work. When you go to the catalog, be sure to select “Metric” instead of “Inch”. Choose a spur gear with 0.75 module (metric equivalent of diametral pitch) and with 20 degree pressure angle.

Not quite, diametral pitch is # of teeth/diameter (in inches) whereas module is diameter (in milimeters)/# of teeth.

By “equivalent”, I meant it conveys the same information, which it does.

That’s true. I just clarified because it could have been a bit misleading to someone new.