Throttle Motors are Useful! (Throttle Motor for FTC)

It seems like the throttle motor with some custom mounting brackets would be a decent motor for FTC. The specs are in the ballpark of the AndyMark Neverest, and the .75 mod pinion should be sufficient for FTC loads. At worst, the default pinion could be used like a spline shaft. FRC teams could also donate their probably literal buckets of motors to nearby FTC teams. Thoughts?

Denso Throttle Motor:

AndyMark Neverest (w/ VEX testing) :

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I think there are some hurdles to make it over to make this viable.

  1. The motor leads coming out the front face with the output shaft has always been frustrating for mounting and wiring.

  2. Based on my experience, most FTC teams use the gear motor option and buy motors with gearboxes installed. Very few teams in our state do custom gearboxes.

  3. Most teams use off the shelf wires with connectors/use motors with wires and connectors installed. It’d be interesting to see how many FTC teams have the capability to wire blank motors.

All in all it’s an interesting idea. I’m always down with expanding the motor pool. Now if they’d let us use bag motors or AndyMark 9015 motors then that’d be great.

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When we had to clear out our space last year (because we’re moving to a new school building) we took an entire box of throttle motors to a recycler just to get them out of our hair. We’ve just never found a good use for them, especially with the wiring terminals coming out the face of the motor. I’m sure that’s useful for their normal function, but it makes the things too limited for us to bother trying to use them. I can’t imagine that this would be any different for an FTC team. We never even considered sending them to the FTC team we’re mentoring because of this limitation.

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Throttle motors can also be useful for non-FRC robotics projects. For example, I used one for my M&M launching robot. In fairness, one of the reasons I used it was because we had gobs of them lying around at our shop, but it worked well enough regardless.

This is why I think a custom bracket is needed to make the idea viable. There’s already a precedence for custom parts (custom shaft for Bosch motor) to make donated motors easier to use, and there’s already a bracket design or two floating around that bends the motor tabs for easier integration. Having the motor pre-mounted with such a bracket along with a premade wire harness with crimped connectors could definitely make the whole experience smoother.

@Ryan_Dognaux, where’s my Thrifty Throttle mount?

(I don’t feel super strongly about this idea either way, but I figured it would make for a decent Friday chat)


I fully support this idea. Yeah there are a lot of things that are inconvenient about them. But really what else are we going to do with them? It’s a shame to just toss them out or recycle them. If you look at some of the shady things teams do with servos I would feel like making a custom adapter/gearbox wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Get Denso to stop dumping their industrial waste in the KoP and writing it off as a donation.
I have no idea what else they could be trying to do.

I know there’s a feedback form, and I (and others) have been saying it for years.


Does anyone know if there’s just a warehouse at FIRST HQ full of these things from a decade ago or if they’re donated yearly?


Can we convince the IRS that not donating 5 throttle motors in the KOP is the same value as donating 5 throttle motors so Denso stops doing this?


Neither. They reproduce asexually by budding, kinda like tribbles but way less useful for finding Klingons.

For the last time! You can’t file NMIRs over useless KOP items.


I managed to make good use of 4 throttle motors on my latest project. I’m probably gonna blink and have another 8 on my supply shelf somehow though.

Overall, pairing 2 of them together on one motor controller channel seems to work well for FTC scale robots.


They make great Holiday ornaments too. :neutral_face:

Did you mean: cat toy ?

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Found one at the shop the other day and threw it against the wall. 10/10 satisfaction.


Watch, now kids are going to make a WCD for FTC. Why not right?

Some teams already have (or at least something similar).

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