Can someone please help me out with programming a throttle in java/ When i press button 3 on Joystick 2 i want it to read the the throttle and adjust apply that speed to jaguar 3 and jaguar 4. Can you help? Thanks!

here is the code


first line(if button3 is pressed on joystick 2)
2nd line(then set the speed of jaguar 3 to the value from the 3rd axis of the joystick) - the reason why it is 3 is because the throttle axis is 3
3rd line(after that also set jaguar 4 to the same value)

Ok thanks i will try that

no problem

btw, if you need any other explanation and help, do let me know
and ill try my best to help you.

Ok so this worked a little. When the throttle is up then the jaguars dont run and when it is down the jaguars run very slowly. Is there more to it then what I have? Thanks.