throwing balls?

What would happen if the human player throws a ball at or a ball hits a robot hanging from the bar? will that team be DQed or loose points, I dont think anyone will try to know off a bot on the bar with a ball but i was just wondering if anyone saw a rule covering that.

i don’t see any rule conserning this but i think that if a ball could knock your robot off the bar then you might want to redesign your hanging mechinism

A similar issue was brought up in Kickoff of 00 when there were human players throwing balls at goals that were attached to the bar that the robots were hanging from…and in competition, I didn’t think it was that much of an issue. But I guess you just need to plan to be robust :wink:

what do you think the rule is on trying to detach an oppents robot from the bar or trying to knock it off with your robot

i don’t think that’s in the competitive spirit of FIRST. if you really want to win, why don’t you attach to the bar yourself instead of knocking the other bot off and risk being DQ’ed, damaging their bot and your own? that’s just silly.

Their may be circumstances when a bot may need to be agressive on the “bar” seeing as the bar is not that long… I guarantee you will see a lot of talk about this on Chief as well on It will also be a controversal ruling on FIRST’s part… they will most likly include a final ruling on the subject in the form of the first or second update.

-Greg The GReat

I remember back in 2000 when we had to hang on the bar, our robot successfully lifted another off of the bar. I don’t believe we were DQ’ed or penalized because we were not doing it maliciously. I could be wrong there, it’s hard to remember 4 years back.

well, my only concern is that if a robot is knocked off the bar by an accidental ball, will it be seen as the intentional doing of the human player?

That was what i was also wondering. I think that FIRST will make up a rule or somekind of statement about this at somepoint or if/when it does happen the judges will make the right decision about to DQ team or not or to take points away.