"Throwing out the FIRST Pitch" August 30th

Cyber Blue has been invited to throw out the “FIRST” pitch at the Indianapolis Indians game on Tuesday, August 30th.

We have been working to modify our 2011 practice robot to throw a strike to start the game, using some of the design ideas from past FIRST games. This past week we got the pitcher working and are now finishing the other robot modifications.

We will also be displaying our 2011 competiton robot in the public areas and have information about local FIRST teams and FIRST programs.

If you are in Indy Tuesday night, please come to the game. It is 2 for 1 night with a coupon from the Sunday Indianapolis Star.

It would be cool to have other teams there in their FIRST shirts!

Will it pitch a 110mph fast ball? I would like to see that. But the question is: did you ask them or did they ask you?

Probably closer to 60 - 80 range.

We were asked by the Indians organization if we could make a robot to do this and worked on a few design ideas and prototypes during August.

Forgive my ignorance of baseball, but is this part of the game televised?

I might be able to swing through. I’ll be down in Indy visiting some friends and family. I believe it would be really cool to see the robot pull it off!

-Dustin Shadbolt

The opening pitches are usually not shown live unless it is someone important, like the president. Recently, ESPN has been showing a lot of impressive, or pathetic first pitches on highlights.

How accurate does it pitch? Get a little more velocity out of it, and it might just get a contract from the Chicago Cubs

Right now we are pitching fast and straight and about 50 MPH.

We have slowed everything down so the CIMs are running about 45% speed to get to this level so that the pitch will be catchable for this. Usually the team mascot, in uniform, catches these pitches.

At 75-80% speed, we are probably pitching in the 70 - 80 MPH range. Those pitches look cool but could be damaging during the opening pitch period!

Check out this baseball pitching robot with articulated wrist action.

Well - it worked!

The robot performed as needed. The pitch was right across the plate and about 45 MPH.

The robot, named “Lefty Circuits”, threw the pitch and then drove off the field. We had great news coverage and a good crowd at the event, so hopefully a lot more peole now know about FIRST in central Indiana.

We are trying to get some good video from the news stations and will get some photos linked soon.

We went to the pitching game at the ball park and the robot pitch was clocked about 76 MPH at full speed.



Congrats to Cyber Blue! Wish I could have gone to the game.

Here is the video and announcement from the Indians YouTube page.