Throwing the ringers.

Are players allowed to throw the rings over the wall and attempt to land it on the rack? (not that we are going to make that our real strategy! :slight_smile: More like when the time is running low and we have extra ringers.)


It doesn’t say they can’t, but it is going to be difficult to throw a tube over and 8’ wall and get in on a spider which is 19’ away. Plus there’s the plate that the tube needs to get past.

its actually a 6.5 foot wall, and a person on our team did it while we were prototyping!!


Our team did it while playing around on a full size rack.

Heck yeah! No rules about it, so go for it!:smiley:

uh just be carefull because what if you cap your own ringer( void :frowning: )

not only is this not illegal… it is expressly allowed.

Rule G48 says “…enter a RINGER…by attempting to throw it to a ROBOT or onto the RACK…over the top of the Alliance Station Wall…”

so HP’s start practicing…

I agree. Targeting would definately be the most complicated part of throwing a ringer, assuming you could actually get one on the rack from that great a distance.


I dont remember reading a rule saying you cannot throw the tube over, it wouldn’t be hard to do it anyway considering the wall isn’t very tall.

My sugestion: If you want to do it, practice aming whenever possible!:smiley:

Legal, yes. Practical, who knows? Sure, if you have extra ringers at the end of the round, why not? But to use this as a main strategy–and have HPs try and get them on a rack seems somewhat unreliable. Yes, you can probably do it, but the question is how often will it happen. To use Carnegie’s Cost/Benefit analysis scenario, if it takes you 5 ringers to get 1 in, does it really seem worth it to waste those 5 just to get your 6th (or one of the 6 in) when you could use those ringers to feed other robots or use them for various other strategies.

Our HP and Coach have been practicing continually on doing this and he’s getting better and better, but it’s still not good enough to warrant it as a main strategy.

I was thinking why not just throw all the rings somewhere around the rack right at the beginning so your robot barely has to move? it just picks them up off the ground and puts them on the rack lol.

Maybe, rather than throw ringers, you could throw spoilers. Hmm…

<G09> POSSESSION - ROBOTS may only have 1 (one) GAME PIECE in their POSSESSION at
any time during the match. A 10-point penalty will be assessed for each infraction.
Inadvertent bulldozing of GAME PIECES while the ROBOT moves around the field is
allowed. Controlled “herding” of a single GAME PIECE lying on the floor is permitted as
long as no other GAME PIECE is in the POSSESSION of the ROBOT. Herding of multiple
GAME PIECES, or herding of a GAME PIECE on the floor while in POSSESSION of another
GAME PIECE is not permitted (as this would be considered POSSESSION of more than
one GAME PIECE). GAME PIECES may fall on to a ROBOT during the course of normal
game play (e.g. a RINGER falls on a ROBOT while attempting to HANG it on a Spider Leg).
In such cases, GAME PIECES that are already in the POSSESSION of the ROBOT may be
played. However, the additional GAME PIECE must be removed from the ROBOT (either
by the ROBOT or by an ALLIANCE partner) before it can POSSESS a new GAME PIECE.
GAME PIECES may not be intentionally placed on opposing ROBOTS for the purpose of
causing a violation of this rule. Any such GAME PIECE placements will not be considered
in POSSESSION of the affected ROBOT, and will be ignored.

I would be careful throwing them, because unless I am reading this wrong if you throw one onto your/an alliances bot and cannot not get it off then you are not allowed to possess another one until you or an alliance partner get it removed.

Set it up.

I paced off the measurements, and it actually seems surprisingly doable. It’ll take some practice, sure. But if you chuck 'em like frisbees you’ve actually got a pretty good shot at shooting at the rack directly in front of you. Though I don’t think you’ll be able to have a shot at more than 4-5 targets, the top ones are pretty hard to hit and if the rack is at an angle it makes it considerably more difficult.

Last year people made a big deal about human players scoring in the corner goals would be ridiculous. But lo and behold, in some matches, Brandon our human player managed to score 8 or so points, enough to win some of those really close matches.

that sounds like a great strategy:] it would save you time of driving back and forth.

I think in the last 15 seconds of the game in which the driver is attempting to the robot on top of another would be a great time to try to get the rings on because if you don’t get any on then you haven’t lost anything

Well, unless you’ve filled up most of your side of the rack because youi don’t won’t to void any of your ringers!

That’s one of our ideas. Save the time driving back and forth to pick them up, and just have the HP chuck 'em in the robot’s area.

Has anyone been able to score the ringers continuously? And how accurate are they?