Thrust Bearing Sourcing

We were trying to build a lift and are looking for Thrust bearings ( However, we need 2 per roller and we have 2 robots with 24 each for a total of 96. I have seen them elsewhere where you have to request a quote, but I was wondering if anyone knows a cheaper source as they would cost $300.

Did you look at ?


Yes, they are about the same price (-$0.02)

We bought and used over a hundred of these thrust bearings for our scissor lift last year and worked well. No problems. Pretty cheap. We also bought which was a heavier duty thrust bearing for our drive screw for our scissor lift. No problems but fairly expensive.

100 bearings for $300 is a steal in almost all cases. About the only thing cheaper is 608 (skateboard) bearings which are possibly the most commonly (and with the lowest quality at times) made bearing…

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