Thumbs Up for Kickoff!

Not certain why (actually, I do…but, it’s a tale for another time), but this is becoming a “thing” in our team.
We have always been on the lookout for catching our team number in the wild.
We are now looking for anyone (especially FRC members) posing “Thumbs Up”.

We would enjoy seeing others capturing the thumbs up in the wild.
Or, share your team’s obsessions…err…preoccupations…weird habits.

The Banana suit with the princess crown…only @RedLeader342 can explain it.


It was halloween. I was the banana king
The thumbs up just stemmed from one picture where i was doing that behind someone and now its a running meme on our team lol

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OK, all you old-timers:

Where did we hide all the “Joe Matt pose” pictures?


Well, here’s a thumbs-up photo from the 2019 Waterbury CT District Event:

I think there was a dedicated thread.

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I feel so old. I have an entire album of those from the boomchat era.

And this, kids, is why good tag hygiene pays off.


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