Thunder Down Under Day 10 video

Another update from Down Under. This was filmed by one of our parents/mentors. Check this out!!! (Yes, we really do have our own film crew, we even got them on camera!!! The irony of it all…:smiley: )

Very nice, and your not kidding about your own Camera Crew. So does your high school have all that nice electrical equipment or was that location someplace else.

I’m also curious about your main chassis frame design you have going there.

We are not a part of any single high school, but we have students from 5+ high schools in the Sydney area. So instead of meeting at one of the schools, we meet at Macquarie University. The University is one of our “Founding Sponsors.” Hence how we have so much electronics, computers, soldering irons, lab space etc. Currently, we are in the middle of summer vacation, so we are VERY busy building our robot.