Thunder Down Under day 2 video

Here in the land down under we have been busy designing our robot. We put a video up of our second day of brainstorming on our website. One of our mentors did the video work for us. Please check it out!!!

Nice shirt! :wink:

Looks good so far! How many students do you have now?

Thanks!!! (I think you have one of those shirt too…)

We have about 50 students, we have an average of 25 students at any given meeting. We are going to finish designing our robot tonight, and will start building tomorrow at 9 AM. More videos to come soon!

I think everyone in New England has one!

Your pretty quick with getting a design out. Then again, how long our your meetings since your in the summer?

Good luck guys!

I didn’t even know they were shooting until half way through the day :S

I’m not in the video :frowning:
We’ve finished designing our robot and will be starting work in aproximatly one and a half hours.


Hey… how come your “About Us” page doesn’t tell us anything about you?

As an Aussie living in the USA, I was all eager to read details about your team and how you plan to compete.

I couldn’t even watch the you-tube since it was “private”.

Boo Hoo…

I don’t think the video is private. I had no problem accessing it without an or form other networks.

Try this link:


Good Luck down in Oz!

Nice video.

It looks like you have plenty of enthusiasm and are off to a good start. Hope to see you at Championships.

We are having a lot of fun down here. During the design process, we were only meeting from 1-8PM. Now we are on a different shift. Right now we are all finishing our OHS course.

Our KoP was released from Customs about an hour ago, so we will be able to start doing some CAD and programming. It is good to know that we will be able to start building, wiring and programming in a matter of hours after the KoP was held in Customs for 2 days! :ahh:

Hi Everyone and Thanks for watching the video.

We are glad of the support from everyone overseas.

We are now beginning the daunting task of building the Robot. We have just received Australian Customs Clearance for the kit of parts and should be delivered within the next couple of hours.

Once again thanks for the support.

It looks great! The video is very well put together, and your design process seems really organized. You’re off to a good start!

Just about to finish up for today. It’s almost 2100 here.
Our kit has arrived and we have been trying to install the software. All the computers in our lab don’t have CD drives :mad:


I’m trying to burn the DVDs, this will take a while :frowning:

WOW!!! We just started our meeting, and there are is only emergency lighting. They are redoing the wiring in our building at Macquarie University. So, we are all on the computers, mostly on CD!!!

Nice vid, cool song haha. And I really appreciate your website, it has a clean look and nice feel. Helvetica FTW! haha

Lights are still out but we are about to have a video conference call with Team Phoenix so we get a room with lights :smiley:


hey just a question but what compitions are you guys going to?

We are going to GSR. (Granite State Regional in Manchester NH.) We chose this one because our team has knows a lot of other teams in the NH region, and I used to be on Team Phoenix. (2342)