Thunder Down Under's driving robot

The video says it all…

It was growling at me and it made me flinch, but it was worth it.

We were so proud…

Awww. Chief Delphi ate my post. :slight_smile:

Guys, you all did a great job today, and an amazing job over the last 2 weeks! Well done!

The same connection problem happened to us yesterday when we ran it for the first time

Congrats on getting the robot running.

Can’t wait to see y’all at BAE.

That is great to get that far so soon! I’ll be up at BAE on Saturday cant wait to see what it turns into

HELLOOoooo from the North East USA :yikes:
Great job on the bot looks like this will work fine now you must try the ramp… Good luck you have done a ton of work in only 2 weeks. KEEP GOING ::ouch:: you are going to a tough Reg. as they all are, dont stop now. May your team have a super season. May we at TEAM 88 wish you LUCK in 2010.
Moe and TEAM 88 TJ2 OH YEAH !!! :smiley:

The offset 4 wheel design is interesting. How does it compare to a six wheeled design in terms of mobility and battery drain. How does it fare on the bump?

Nice to see that you have it working! Just out of curiosity, why the offset 4wd? And do you plan on adding two more wheels to help with the stability?

Good luck, can’t wait to see you guys up here!

I sat there forever trying to figure out why you had an offset 4 wheel… Then I figured it out… You had mounting blocks for the other 2… The other 2 haven’t come in yet have they? :smiley:

Great job 3132! I thought that the best part of that video was the expression on the student’s faces when it moved and started spinning. Everyone looked so proud!

About the offset wheel design, yes, we have other wheels waiting to be put on. 2 of the guys are taking a 1+hr bus ride (each way) to pick up bearings this morning, then we’ll mount all the wheels.

Nice bot. I’d like to know how you got the Battlecry 9 shirt though :wink:

Actually, that was my mom. My family and I used to live in NH, and for the past two years I was on 2342. We are part of a secret CIA operation to bring FIRST to Australia, and our team is “not entirely” funded by the CIA. But don’t tell anyone… :wink:

As Steve mentioned, the only reason we had an off-set 4WD system was we didn’t have enough bearings. Getting the imperial parts for the AndyMark wheels is a LITTLE hard in a country using the metric system. Two of our students are currently on the public transport system (they have to take 2 trains and 4 buses) going the whole way across Sydney. They expect the trip to take 2-ish hours each way. :ahh:

The students are back from getting the bearings!

By the way, if you can guess where I got the quote in my above post (and you are not on 3132) I will extremely impressed. :]

I know what it is! :wink:

Yes you do, and I am impressed. Does anybody else know?

We got up at 4am and caught the earliest train… got to the place and bought 6 bearings then came back…

And we were very proud of the two of you.