Thunder Down Under's secret weapon

As mentioned on the thread about those attending the Manchester regional (GSR), here’s a quick glimpse of our secret weapon.

Yet another great use for mysterious black paste.

vegemite on the chain? Does it make a good lubrication?

It’s in the rules. Don’t you remember? <R651-A>: A suitable substitution lubricant may be used in circumstances where teams may be located far away from civilisation that riding their pet marsupial to the store would result in a trip length of more than 2 hours. This would be unfair to the marsupial. In such cases, edible, mysterious black pastes may be used as a substitute lubricant, or otherwise to feed the marsupials or the team, if they get hungry.

Well OK, since you’ve got a cite. But don’t you dare spill any of it on the carpet!

If we did, it would likely burn through the stadium floor! :slight_smile:

:yikes: . . .

So we shouldn’t eat it?:ahh:

yes, and no, yes you can eat it, is it tasty? In my opinion no, Vegemite is not tasty.

Do not eat it!

Why would you eat it? Do you eat normal grease???

I get hungry at competitions.

It technically is “food” if it qualifies.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well at least we didn’t use Vegemite Cheesybite (aka iSnack 2.0, and Name Me) That would have made a real mess…

are you serious?

haha, I thought you were kidding the first time you said that!
thats actually really funny…

uh-oh, i’m going to GSR, i guess its time to fire up my gyro :wink: