Thunder Over New Hampshire

Haven’t seen a thread about this so I figured I’d start one.

FIRST is going to be the centerpiece of the STEM exhibit at the Thunder Over New Hampshire airshow, commemorating the 20th anniversary of 9/11. There’s going to be a full field setup, and teams from all 3 programs. It’s sort of like a mix between an off-season and a demo. It’s being run by NH FIRST on the weekend of 9/11-9/12
For more info check out NH Air Show – FIRST NH
Unfortunately there will not be a livestream.
Can’t wait to see everyone and play with robots again!


6328 is excited to be going on Sunday!


Day 1 is over! That was quite an experience lol. Finding out the rest of your team is unable to make an event and ending up alone with the robot is definitely an experience, but I got to run some awesome tests on the ir@h robot that wouldn’t have been possible in a more formal setting, and I really loved seeing everyone again!

I want to send a special shout out to 2370 and 3467 for their gracious professionalism and all the help from tools to ideas and more. I wouldn’t have been able to be nearly as successful in showing what my team is capable of without your help.

Also shout-out to Dean Kamen for scaring me! For a guy riding around on a stair climbing wheelchair you’re surprisingly good at sneaking up on people. On a more serious note I appreciate the concern, but don’t worry I had the rest of the community behind my back, doing exactly as you and Woodie taught them. If you stop by Governor’s Cup maybe you can see the robot in action without the intake being lopsided.

Also congratulations to Orange Chaos for their win! Your robot was wicked awesome, even the pilot was banking shots by the end of the match (if you wan the video of that match lmk. It’s quite funny :p)

Seriously though guys I had a blast and thank you all for the awesome time. Shout-out to all the organizers who poured their heart and souls into this event to make it happen.


Hey, you weren’t totally alone :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I agree. It was very fun. Definitely glad I came!

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