Thunderchickens 217 Season Recap 2019

Team 217 is proud to present our 2019 Season Recap!

Special thanks to all of our mentors, alliance members, and all of our fellow teams for contributing to this amazing season!

Congrats to a terrific team on a terrific season!

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Opening this video I was thinking that there’s no way I was watching a 10 minute video.

10 minutes later:
Congratulations to an amazing team! That Einstein win was crazy.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I tried to make it entertaining to watch so it would make the length worth it. And yeah the last finals was easily the most wild match we’ve had in years.

Thank you! You guys were a blast to play against this year!

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Words cannot begin to describe how amazing that video was…but the 30 views I just gave it can. Great video, amazing season, and an even more amazing team! Congrats guys!

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