Thursday is Thank Your Mentors Day. How will you do this? // #BotChat Update #4 1/13

Yesterday’s #BotChat had some great discussion on working with other teams (#BFFteams), week one accomplishments and failures, shop space and kitbot chassis. The last question seemed the most helpful, with reminding people that this upcoming Thursday is **“Thank Your Mentors” **day! Feel free to respond to any of the questions, but particularly share your ideas for the last one!

Q1: Does your team work with any others in your area? Where do you go when you need help? #BotChat #omgRobots
Q2: Tell us about your Week 1 trials, tribulations, and achievements.#BotChat #omgRobots
Q3: Where is your shop? If you could change anything about it, what would you change? #BotChat #omgRobots
Q4: Will your team be using the kitbot chassis for #UltimateAscent? Why or why not? #BotChat #omgRobots
**Q5: **Thursday is Thank your Mentor Day. How will your team celebrate its mentors? #BotChat #omgRobots

**A5: **Didn’t know that! Maybe we’ll all go to dinner or something. #botchat

A5: We will aim to not have any disasters on Thursday :slight_smile: And I’m guessing there will be baked goods involved #botchat

A5: Last year, the team had “[Teacher] Day” where they put me on a scavenger hunt for presents and then bought me dinner. #awesome #botchat

**A5 **Two years ago the students had a “sit down” lunch for the mentors on a build saturday. They had “waitstaff”, linens, etc #BotChat

A5: I plan on bringing down cookies! Plus we adults have choir practice after meetings every Thursday. Winning!!! #botchat

A5: I didn’t know that. I’m the only consistent mentor so… I’ll buy myself something nice? Haha. #botchat

A5: two other teachers have been coming by to help me out this year. I’d like to take them out for a nice dinner after build. #BotChat

Make sure to follow **@Robot_Chat **and join us for **#BotChat **next week on Sunday for discussion on how week 2 of Build Season is going for everyone.