Tic Tac Tetra

Our team coach Brittany and lead mentor Ron Dukes came up with this game to engage creative thinking and to start thinking about strategies for the upcomming season’s game. We eren had a mini tournament today and are going to set up a tournament at Finger Lakes near the Hall of Fame booth.

The game goes like this:

a.) 2 teams consisting of 3 “robots” each (X and T)
b.) each robot starts out with only 1 X or T
c.) each alliance starts out in their respective end zones
d.) on a single turn each robot can only: -move
-place a piece (scoring)
e.) scoring is based on competition rules
f.) only 2 robots are allowed in one space at a time
g.) a game consists of 10 rounds
a.) robot has to go to the corner spots in their respective end zone in order to load
b.) load + move = 1 turn
a.) if robot declares a defense move the opponent can not score in that spot until THAT robot’s next turn
b.) defense + move = 1 turn

The field is a nine square grid not much different from a tic tac toe field easily made with tape.

Try it. It’s pretty cool.