Tier Division?

Does anyone know when the tier drawing or whatever it is takes place/is announced?

I think he means when will the teams that did not prequalify to go to nationals be told if their is room for them.

Championship registration was separated into two tiers this year.

On October 2nd, registration was opened up to all teams which qualified based on their performance at the 2006 championship, and to any team who competed in 2006 but did not attend the 2006 championship.

On October 26th, regstration opened up to all remaining teams, excluding 2007 rookies.

So, all teams aside from rookies, have had the opportunity to register since October 26th.

All teams can register for the Championship event at this time and have been able to do so since October 26. There is available only a ‘select number of … slots’ as per http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2007/cmp_elig.htm

Championship slots, regardless of signup, are assigned only in the order of when payment is received by FIRST.
First-paid = First-registered

Thanks for the info guys, hope we can make it to the Championship again!

Anyone know how long FIRST generally takes to receive payments? It’s looking like that’s on the order of months or the standard 4-6 weeks.

How’re you providing payment? We paid for an event by credit card and the transaction was processed the next business day and we were moved from pending to paid status.

We had the same experience as Madison.
FIRST Finance is very responsive. At least one of our payments was credited the same day it was received and all within a day. We paid via PO and checks.