TIGERBOLT chat, Sunday 8 EST

Posted by Joe Ross at 02/28/2001 12:35 PM EST

Engineer on team #330, Beach Bot, from Hope Chapel Academy and NASA/JPL , J&F Machine, and Raytheon.

We are having another scheduled chat in the Tigerbolt chat room (link below)

Topic: What you learned from the first set of regionals

Come join us and have fun. Lora has a new chat program up that is working out much better. We were in there yesterday with 10 people and no problem.

Joe Ross (JoeRoss_T330)

ps. come on in when you get a chance. There will often be people in there even if there isn’t a scheduled chat.

Posted by Lora Knepper at 02/28/2001 5:31 PM EST

Other on team #73, Tigerbolt, from Rochester Institute of Technology / Edison Tech HS and Alstom and Fiber Technologies.

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Posted by Joe Ross on 02/28/2001 12:35 PM EST:

Thanks for posting Joe :o) You beat me to it. Have fun everyone - hopefully I’ll be back from CT in time to join in!

~ lora (LoraT73)

PS --> Joe is right, there is very often people in the room all afternoon and evening, so drop by anytime you’re online!

PSS --> Please remember to change your name upon entering the chat – there are instuctions at the bottom of the chat page. ALSO Please put your team number in your screen name, makes things easier for everyone, and I’m being rather strict on that one. (myself and my Ops Joe Ross (T330) and Tom Schindler (T177)) Thanks!

Posted by Tom S. at 02/28/2001 6:05 PM EST

Student on team #177, The Bobcats, from South Windsor High School and International Fuel Cells.

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Posted by Lora Knepper on 02/28/2001 5:31 PM EST:

She’s not being rather strict… she’s almost at a ‘nazi-ish’ level… hehe just kidding Lora… just remember to rename as soon as you get in… this is done by typing, “/nick >”

Come join us :slight_smile:

Just click into chat on the tigerbolt homepage:

Stop by and visit in the pits at hartford if you are going :slight_smile:

Tom Schindler
Team 177