tilt/pan away

What should i do if when try to track the light with the CMU cam, in the LabView GUI app, the camera find and tracks the light but instead of moving towards the light it moves away?

If the camera is mounted normally the tilt is messed up. If we mount it upside down the pan gets messed up.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do. You can’t use the LabView application to track the target light. The tracking software runs on the Robot Controller.

If you’re using the marvelous code from Kevin Watson, there are macros which define the pan and tilt directions. Change the sign of the appropriate one to make the camera seek instead of avoid the light. (I don’t know enough about the EasyC function to tell you what to change in it.)

? We have the labview CMUcam2 GUI. The program tracks the light, but gives the servo a negative value, so it tilts away from the light, then even more, because the image is “upside down.” Pan is fine though.

If you’re using Kevin Watson’s tracking code look in tracking.h and find


That will be set to either 1 or -1, if your pan is tracking the wrong way try switching the value. If you mount the camera the other way you may need to adjust the pan rotation sign also/instead.

Are you using last year’s camera? The 05/06 version of the CMUCam2 had servo control headers on it. When the camera was in “tracking” mode, it would compute the output values needed to center its vision on a particular color blob. Kevin’s camera tracking code (servos controlled on RC, NOT CmuCam) simply tricks the CMUCam into thinking it is controlling the servos. The software on the CMUCam constantly updates these servo values and spits them out to the headers. This is why your camera will track when using the LabView App.

This year’s camera does not have on board servo headers. With the addition of the illuminated target, there is really no good reason to use the LabView app, except to see what the camera is processing.