Tilt Troubles

While our CAM will pan fairly well, the tilt is very erratic and has a great deal of delay.

Did anyone else have this problem?

We never tried using the tilt at all. Have you tried plugging the pan servo into the tilt pins and holding it sideways? Maybe its a defunct servo as opposed to defunct hardware.

WE had teh same thing, it apeared as if the tilt servo was programmed to move in incraments of 5 or somthing like that. Because of this erractic movment we could stop either 4 inches or 4f feet from the tetra during test.

too bad the camera got cut off the bot at the last minute… :frowning: i havn’t looked at the camera since Feb 26, the camera’s execution day. :yikes: I can’t wait to play with it again after the nationals though :smiley:

For the off season trade up to CMUcam2 and use this bad boy.


But please note for legal competition use:

NOTE: FIRST ROBOTICS TEAMS - This turret only works with the CMUcam2 cameras purchasd from Seattle Robotics or Acroname!
We just learned that First Robotics is distributing a custom version of the CMUcam2 with their kits, which isn’t compatible with this turret.
We are currently trying to obtain dimensions to determine if you can use the “Generic” turret version for these custom CMUcam2s.

Elgin: It’s not the mount.

Our camera does this as well, I think the reason being it doesn’t try to keep the image in the center, but rather when it moves off its field of view it repositions the image to the center.