Tilting BAr

Can a team get points if the pull up bara does not move?

Define “does not move”.

If robots are hanging from it and the bar stayed perfectly still, sure!

If nobody is hanging, or if nobody touched it, no points.


Are we talking FIRST robotics competition 2020 game “Infinite Recharge” which included a climbing endgame involving a bar which could tilt?

Or are we possibly talking FIRST Lego League (“Challenge”) competition 2020-2021 “RePlay” Mission 06 pull up bar? This guy.

OP, FYI, we don’t usually get a ton of FLL questions around here. You’ll find folks available to answer for sure, but you’ll want to be very precise in the question. Keep in mind we don’t know you or anything you’ve been working on - we’ll need your help to ramp up and understand your situation before we can give a meaningful answer.


Should be interesting to see how this thread evolves. The title talks about a tilting bar, which the FLL bar does not appear to be. The OP joined CD in 2016 and happened to post a question about the FRC-related bar recently on Jan 25. Together, these bits lead me to believe that the question is about the FRC bar and that @Billfred has provided the most relevant information possible given the question.

Hopefully the OP will let us know if this information was helpful or off-base and maybe the reason for the question in the first place, which might lead to better answers.


Touche, excellent observations (and more research than I did).

I’d assumed that, since the 2021 at-home game doesn’t award points for the ability to climb, it was more likely that the FLL bar was implied. We all know what happens when I assume, though.

Here’s to hoping no one gets tilted over the fact we tried to raise the bar on the level of assistance provided to online strangers!

Let me know when to spin.


I have a new favorite wheel in life.

It better be a cheese wheel.

Does that count as a sociopolitical debate or a supplier ethics one?




Have you tried these on drivetrains? Great way to represent the FIRST CD community for imagery awards.

No slight intended on your post with a genuine attempt to interpret and help. I think it’s an FRC question, but we might find you had the key insight and it really is FLL with their “pull up” bar.

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I am talking about FRC (switch). Is it in the 2021 game for points?

Gotcha, thank you for clarifying!

Reading through the at-home challenge manual, I’m not finding any reference to challenges involving the word “bar” or “hang” - I’m pretty certain it’s not a part of the 2021 at-home challenges. Do you have a specific page or section of the manual you’re referencing?

If you are attending some form of a regional competition, then the 2020 game manual will be your friend - section 4.4.4 has some info on how scoring is done. However, from what I understand, it doesn’t sound like there will be in-person official events this year. This means I can’t guarantee the 2020 rules will apply in their exactly-as-written form, so you may need to consult with the event organizers to get clarity on exactly what rules they are changing and which ones they aren’t.

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There’s a 2021 Manual out, with some differences from 2020. Don’t recall any affecting the bar though.

That said, the Shield Generator is still a thing for 2021, should events happen, but NOT for IR@Home. If you don’t have an event, don’t worry about the bar until you do.


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