Tim Russert Dead @ 58

The subject line says it all…

Though I am a self-proclaimed nerd, I am also a very avid news junkie, and in some cases, I love it more than the technology that provides it to me on a daily basis (TV, PC (RSS), Radio, you name it, I have probably used it), and that fact probably has spilled onto the CD forums occasionally.

When I got word of Tim’s death today, it came as a shock (wall of bricks hitting). He has shaped and delivered a lot of serious news over many years, and had some hard intelligent interviews with incredibly powerful people. He is one of very few journalists whose aura can probably be captured in various single clips, for honestly that is all I have seen of Tim on TV, but he was just THAT GOOD.

Considering the current political season we’re in, it goes without saying that a major void has been made.

RIP Tim Russert…

My wife and I joke that she had an “intellectual crush” on Tim Russert. Earlier this year when Meet the Press broadcast live from the local NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, my wife wanted to go downtown to see it. When asked if she was hoping for a glimpse of Obama or Clinton, she replied, “Why would I want to see them? I’m going for Tim!”

He was surely an unparalleled journalist, refusing to pander, refusing to water anything down, refusing to back down. If a guest avoided his question, he’d reformulate and ask again until he was satisfied. But above all, he made it very clear that while his profession was very important to him, family matters were paramount. Perhaps defining and promoting that delicate balance between family life and professional life, and presumably excelling at both, was his greatest achievement.

Tim was interviewed by our correspondent, John Calloway last year. This is the announcement we all received…

Late Friday afternoon it was announced that veteran newsman Tim Russert of NBC News died today of a heart attack. He was 58. Russert had been the moderator of the network’s Meet the Press since December 1991. In anticipation of Father’s Day and Russert’s beloved books Big Russ & Me - Father and Son: Lessons of Life and Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons, Friday Night with John Callaway had planned to rebroadcast Callaway’s 2006 interview with Russert. In honor of Russert’s life and career, the interview will still run on WTTW11 at 7:30 pm tonight.

Although, I haven’t found it today, it is likely that this interview will be on our website at www.wttw.com in the future.