Timber! Funny Cable Protector Mishaps

I’d like to see more funny videos of cable protector incidents. These are my favs from New England including my own team.
Please Note: This thread is purely to poke fun at the cable protector and how much of a menace it was to teams on an otherwise completely flat field and not intended to make fun of these teams in any way.

3467 Tip
6328 Tip
125 Tip


Is it a robot design fault or a field design fault? Or both? Or neither?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


It’s a happy mix between top heavy robot and hitting a large bump on the floor at top speed. I think the main problem is the field, but there are robots that fell much more than others.

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It’s a game design feature to allow the teams to better show off the often beautifully built undersides of their robots.


I can promise none of those robots are top heavy it’s really just the speed

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So why didn’t a team like Jack in the Bot tip all the time? They are fast, and probably went over the bump a lot. I haven’t watched all of their matches, but maybe they made a point of avoiding it or going slow over it. Or maybe… it’s because they weren’t top heavy.

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Maybe teams that want to drive fast over bumps should put heavy things near the bottom of their robots, and light things near the top.


I need a :exploding_head: reaction for this.

We definitely tie-dyed the steel ballast plate on the bottom of the bot in case an ‘opportunity’ to show it off arose.


2910 is probably the extreme end of not being top heavy. I didn’t think 125 was top heavy, and I didn’t think we were either, and yet we both tipped at one point. But I guess it depends on your definition of top heavy.


Maybe “top heavy” isn’t the right term to describe it in the traditional FRC sense, but I’m not sure what else to describe it without being overly verbose with velocity, conservation of momentum, and center of gravity :laughing: I, for one, definitely didn’t expect this amount of tipping this season in reaction with the cable protector.


In one of our matches at Pinetree, we went full steam into the cable cover and it stopped us dead in our tracks. We found out later that it bent one of the plates on our sds Mk4 module.

Yes, I did show Patrick this


Did you notice any issues with driving after the plate was bent?

Hey! We aren’t the only ones. We’ve done this to 4 of our plates this season. 2 of which happened even after we added some wheel guards similar to what you see one 111’s tipped picture above.

Slight issue but nothing major. It appeared to be a 5ish degree inclination. Drove on it for the next 3 matches cause we didn’t have enough time between matches to replace it. If you watch all of our future matches, you’ll notice that we tend to avoid the cable cover or drive super slow over it.

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Oh yeah! I had heard that other teams experienced what we had done but according to Patrick, ours was one of the worst he had seen.

We plan on adding guards for future seasons

We did the same thing in our first quals match at worlds (our 1st and only time encountering this issue)
bent swerve
we luckily keep full spare swerve modules ready to swap out when things like this happen and had it replaced for match 3.
I can say ours was not bent quite as bad although definitely noticeable (I’ll add a picture here when we unpack from worlds)
I cannot speak to the driveability of the robot with the bent plate but the driver did not have any complaints so I assume it wasn’t that bad
We didn’t actually notice the issue until between matches 2 and 3 while trying to solve an intermittent CAN issue (replacing the module fixed this and we reused the encoder from this module later with no issues and all connections on the falcon can wires were good so one of the falcons on this module must have had a CAN problem which we’ve run into with multiple Falcons this year)

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Now also true for 2022.


Now time to post the myriad of photoshops of T looking sad while sitting on a tipped 1241 robot :upside_down_face: