Timber! Funny Cable Protector Mishaps

We had one bend this season. Bent a few degrees along a perfect line from the two furthest corners. Sill worked just fine except for the tread not being flat to the ground. SDS Mk4 is a great product.


I got you.


6328’s robot is not especially top-heavy. It is, however, geared pretty fast. In this case we were going fast, hit the bump, and then immediately braked hard… a sequence we quickly learned never to repeat. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The logged data from the pitch sensor has an amusing if sad final series of values in that match.


2910 doesnt need a bump to tip on speed

(2021 cc q25)

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I can imagine a mode where the robot hits the bump, bounces a bit. The driver hits the brakes, the robot tilts forward, the bottom of the bumper catches on the carpet and momentum does the rest.

In 2010’s game Breakaway, our driver had to cross the humps at full throttle and not hit the brakes or we’d roll over forwards.

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I could definitely see teams instinctively slowing down after hitting the bump, and unintentionally tipping themselves. I wonder if any of these teams wouldn’t have tipped if they just kept going full speed, or if that is what they were trying to do.

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We’ve tipped over several times, but none of them were because of the cable protector…

Same thing with the bridges in 2012. When the bridge tilts down you just keep driving.

Looks like a drive coach problem to me, blame Shazzy!


Or don’t wait for it to tilt down.

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My favorite was when I tuned into the NYC Regional stream and saw this


Out of curiosity, did you happen to have a gusset on the underside of the two drive rail box tubes? We haven’t encoutered any bending this season (even playing hard defense).

yes. VEX pro 90 degree versa gusset


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