Time Lapse Video - Delaware FVC/FLL/JFLL Tournament

This link was posted by Carol in the FVC sub-group. I thought that others might want to check it out, too. It’s fun.

Check out this wonderful time lapse video of the tournament, taken by Marco Ciavolino of the Technobricks. He took a picture every 7 seconds at the Delaware tournament and then compressed the entire day into 3.5 minutes.

You can see when everything stops for the opening ceremony and the crowd stands for the national anthem. Then the action picks up when the matches start. On the right, when JFLL finishes, you can see the tables quickly come down. The same when FLL finishes in the middle and the judges in blue line up for the awards. The FVC on the left starts the eliminations as the massive FLL crowd streams by. And then ditto for the FVC awards.

Way cool.

To access, go to the main page of http://www.techbrick.com
Click on the link on the right for ‘12’