Time length on animations

Here’s my question. During this year I found out that our team ran out of time in our animation. As a result we had to axe some really cool scenes so that evrything made sense. (many of you guys will probbaly see some of the lags in our animation in the compilation reel). I wonder how many other teams had this same problem and if a longer time limit would help anybody else out?

My first year time was our biggest enemy because we didn’t plan almost anything at all. Last year, my second, we planned much better to where we had every second accounted for but the result still looked rush so this year we accounted for having 6 seconds extra and it just so happened we had a great 30 second animation. Doing the even more limited time schedule really helped us out a lot and I think that everyone should try it. We also shortened our work schedule to include 3-4 weeks of extra “tweek time” where we would just work on the smallest mistakes in the animation. That helped out a huge amount as well though we still ended up with an all-nighter, two days before the deadline.