Time limit for animation????

This is a very simple question:

Is it a minimum of 30 seconds or a maximum of 30 seconds

the second one just doesn’t seem right to me

i couldn’t quite understand the given rules completely

thanks in advance to anyone who answers

I’m 95% sure that all animations are supposed to be around 30 seconds or so.

i believe it’s a maximum of 30 seconds. I know it was no more than that last year. hope that helps

It’s cannot go over 30 seconds. They are not going to lose sleep if the animation is short of 30 seconds but they will cut you off if you go even one millisecond over.

I will say this loud and clear

You will be disqualified if your animation is one frame over 30 seconds. Keep your animation under 30 seconds. The 5 second slate followed by the one second of black at the beginning of the animation and the credits are not jugded so they are not part of the 30 seconds.

there… i think that clears it all up

You need a slate for five seconds before, and one second of black, then the 30 second animation. That is the part that must be 30 seconds. After that, there must be one second of black, then as long as you like for credits. The only part that is actually scored is the animation.

Just remember that if you are going to do some elaborate 5 minute long credit sequence be aware that they may not judge the credits but the credits will add to the size of the file which is 250 MB.
We don’t put credits on the version we upload to Autodesk just to play it safe.

Do you signify the end of your animation with another 5 seconds of black? Or do they figure the credits are the end?

The one second of black is supposed to signify the end.

You need a full second of black at the end.

The full second of black at the end doesn’t count in the 30 seconds of time allotted for the animation. The ONLY part of your animation compilation is the black before, and after, the credits and the slate. Otherwise, you have 30 seconds to do with whatever your little hearts decide.

And trust me… 3 years of experience, that 30 seconds can seem like a lifetime or a millisecond throughout the animation process.

I grew to dislike 3ds max, even though I loved it at the same time.

We didn’t have the best of relationships in 2006 (Hair and Fur… shudder)

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Your animation can be ONLY be 30 seconds, no longer, no shorter

It can be shorter just not longer!

This is a little confusing: In the past the rules always said something like “not more than 30 seconds”. But this year in three separate places the rules just say “30-second animation”.

I don’t know if shorter animations are acceptable, but just to be safe our’s will be exactly 30 seconds (plus the opening slate, black frames, etc.).

Yeah but your slate will not be counted and your animation will only be 15 seconds.

If you watch last years winning team, “Simple Concepts” their animation was 29.9 seconds. NOt including the slate and the credits

30 seconds for an animation is so common, the rule makers decided to say “30 second animation” when they really mean 15-30 second animation. Oh what laugh, hahaha.

Pete, remember that awesome 56 sec. animation from last year? They weren’t DQ’d.

Which team? Are you sure they weren’t DQ’d? As far as I know Autodesk posted all the animations on FIRSTbase - even the DQ’d ones. Was the extra length part of the credits (okay but not judged)?

I STRONGLY recommend adhering to all the rules - including animation length.

Team 2171. Yes. No.

All of the animators at Boilermaker, myself included, judged them for the regional award. It’s OK. They didn’t win.

Autodesk has never been strict about the rules in the past. There have been plenty of 7 sec. animations, 640x480 animations, etc.