Time Spent per Week on Robotics

Just curious, How many hours on average do you put into robotics per week?
This week I am going to have about 30, which is a solid average for me.

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Much less this week however. Our school has had finals this week, ahh! In fact I should probably be studying for my gov final right now…

Team 1345 meets every Mon - Thurs from 3 p.m. till 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m. That is a total of 14 hours a week.

That just doesn’t seem like enough to me. I like having time to break the robot before competition, so we can fix it at home.

Let’s see…

Tuesdays 4-6: 2 hours
Thursdays 6-8: 2 hours (running total: 4)
Saturdays 9-6 (in practice): 8.5 hours (total: 12.5)
…and then throw in all the obsessive reading I do of CD and the Q&A, emailing the other mentors and what not, and we’re probably talking around 20 hours.

Wait hold the phone. Do you mean its physically possible to not spend time on robotics during the season!!! Too much…for brain…to compute!..goes against…beliefs…aaaaarrrrrrghhhhhh!!!

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My finals were this week too :wink:

2:30-5:30 weekdays and 10:00-4:00 weekends gives us 27 hours a week

Who said that was the schedule for the whole season? :wink: As the ship dates approaches, student stay back and work on the robot.

Week 1 - Week 4 = BUILD IT. (We did built a prototype of the chassis, and beat the crap out of it just to make sure that it wouldn’t break.)


… now I hope everything goes the way we are planning on.

Every weekday
…when we’re heavily working we stay later and get out of as many classes as possible…not to mention that we think of robotics all day anyways…I swear school gets in the way… :yikes:

Hmm, Team 1648 meet whenever possible. Meaning everyday from school break til 6:30 7pm, Saturday 9am til 5 or 6, Sunday 1 til 6. About 28 hrs or so every week.

Weekday: 3+ hours
Saturday: 8+ hours
Home browsing FIRST-related sites: 2+ hours a day
Total: 33+ hours

**Meetings: **
Weekdays: ~6:30 - 10:00
Saturday: 9:00AM - Whenever we get kicked out, or run out of things to do.

So at least 20 hours a week of meetings.

This doesnt include my obsessive compulsive disorder with browsing CD, or sitting and thinking about/writing programs for hours on end.

So all in all, heres my normal day’s schedule:

  1. Wake Up too late
  2. Go to school. Work On robotics stuff. Check CD too much…
  3. Go home and prepare for meeting.
  4. Go to meeting.
  5. Go home, check CD.
  6. More random robotics stuff.
  7. As you can tell by the horrible grammer in this post, go to sleep too late…

Same here. I’ve spent 15 hours in the last two days. and it’s only week two.

Indeed. Cory and I are on pace for another 450+ man-hour season apiece.

I work an hour on my own for every hour the whole team meets, I’d wager. The team meets about 16 hours per week.

Can’t afford to do too much, right now I’m scheduled to help 9 hours a week, but I usually end up doing 11.

During the main build season, I spend about 33 hours/week doing robotics-related things. But during the crunch week, I usually spent 14 hours/day (or in other terms, over 70 hours during the week before ship!) at robotics getting everything finished in time to ship. :yikes:

(I have winter vacation during the last week of the build season every year, so I can spend all day from 9 AM to 11 PM at robotics. :D)

Our students spend about 25-30 hours a week on the robot. Everything at night. As ship deadline gets closer the hours always get longer. The sponsors on the other hand work all the hours the students do plus hours during the day when we should be teaching. There are always calls to make, agendas to work out, and orders to place or track down.

Easily 2 hours per night on weeknights (this week has been finals week, so I can’t do too much more than that…until Monday!) and 3+ hours on Saturday. If we need it, we’ll do Sunday afternoons as well, but most students are either making up homework on Sundays or have church/family activities so its kinda tricky to meet.

I say 26-30 hours per week because of the hours I put in at home, at school, and, just once in a while, on ChiefDelphi :wink: