Time Spent per Week on Robotics

47.25 hours since kickoff (we have to keep track of our time for the class college mentors take) and it looks like it’ll be 3 more hours tonight and at least 9 tomorrow.

i get to school at 6:30 in the morning my first 3 hours of the day is our robotics leader and i work on it then until about 10:00 then i go to my 4th hour finish my work come back down here and work until about 12:15 that’s through my lunch hour then i go to 5th hour don’t come here then go to 6th hour at 1:15 get my work done at 1:30 come back down here and don’t leave until about 6 to 8 o clock at night that is just mon-fri this week we did not have school on monday and we came at 8:30 and left at 6:30 today we do not have school but we got here at 9:00 and are aiming to leave at 2 tomorrow which is saturday we will get here at 7:30 and leave at 3:30 so during First season i spend alot of hours at school. I go home and they all say you look tired. more tired than u normally look and i tell them u go to school from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm on most nights. so yeah but i really enjoy it so as lomg as i am happy i will be fine it is only for 6 weeks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lets see…
7-10 weekdays (until we get closer to ship, then it becomes 7-11)
10-whenever (usually after 7-8) weekends.

I typically put in about 25, I’d have more hours in, but having a job stinks.

I WISH! Our Team meets monday-Thursday 3-6 and FRIDAY 3-5. That was our preset schedule, and i don’t know how, but each sub-team has 1 week more worth of projects done then they planned, and it’s going pretty good.

Eh, considering the schoolwork most of us have to do… its a weird situation. We meet for 3 hours/day after school mon-thurs, and for 6-8 hours on saturday. Myself, I spend a lot of time reading the rules and these forums at home too, so, myself, at least 24 I think. The issue, I think, is that we have some people on the team who ONLY come on the saturday meetings, and the mentors give their votes equal weight. Its really not fair to those of us that are there consistantly, every day, and now we are making a robot design that I, personally, am extremely skeptical about. Especially as we’re a rookie team… it worries me…

I see people who don’t build robots. Walking around like FIRST people. They don’t see robot parts everywhere. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know their lives are dull.

During build season I’d say I spend about 167 hours per week working on or thinking about robots. The other hour is spent pitying the masses.

Us too, but that didn’t stop me :smiley:

Since I am a Co-op student and I work at delphi, my job is to work on design and making parts. for my robotics team. I average between 15-20 hours a week at work. I work from 2:30- whenever. And our meetings are Tuesday,Wednesday, Friday 6-9? and Saturday9-3? u really think we go till 3 try like 6 or 7. So with work and robotics and time I spend od CD and FIRST it rounds off to about 34-39hours a week. And that is only with three days u should see how many hours i put in last year without work. I was averaging about 40 hours a week with just meetings. :smiley:

I have to say we average about 4-5 hours per evening, then around 5-6 on saturday. As the ship date approaches, we’ve been known to spend all day working on the robot as opposed to going to class…unless we have a test inwhich we’ll go take the test then go back to working on the robot :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfourtunatly my team has little to no support from the school, so we build out of a mentors garage.

Since he works during the week we can only build on Sat. and Sun.

Sat 9-6
Sun 1-6

Every year we end up pulling at least one all nighter before the ship and have never had the time to test.

My team (547) meets on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:30 to 8:00 and on Saturday from 9 AM until 9 Pm…
That’s like, 30 hours a week…

We have a technology/ pre-engineering class that almost everyone from our team is in at the same time. so every weekday we have 1.5 hours in the class to work on the robot plus we stay after school from about 3:30 until 6 or 6:30. On Saturdays we usually work from 10 until about 3. That adds up to be about 27-28 hours a week.

I can’t seem to figure in how to calculate time spent on chiefdelphi and simply researching in my “free” time… but this is the average day in the life of Barry Bonzack…

Get out of college classes, drive 45 minutes to East to Harmony where 1604 meeting starts about 2 and ends normally about 5-5:30ish… Drive 20 West to Saint Cloud high school where meeting starts at 5:30 and end between 8 - 9… … i did one of these 8 hour halls today (home at 10) and I then realized i was on chiefdelphi… Tomorrow shall be a long day I know it. A day in the life of a college student mentoring two teams. :cool:

On a side note… i just did a very rough estimate of my community service hours that the county collects from all outside adult volunteers… so far this month I have about 81+ hours

Does dreaming about it count? We work on it mentally too, thinking about what we should do and how it would work.

As much as I possibly can.

This week was about 50 hours,

Monday-Friday 4-7 (3-7 on fridays)
Saturday & Sunday 12-7
So thats 30/week.

For the first couple weeks (about 4) we go Mon-Fri 4-7 and Saturday 10-4. Once we reach the last few weeks we try to stick to schedule, but it doesn’t usually work. It is tiring because the last week is always vacation for us, so we about 4-5 nights that we don’t have to go home, and we stay very late. The machinists (I am one this year) most likely work the largest amount of time at the end of the season attempting to get parts out. But I love spending time at robotics, so who’s complaining.

1547’s schedule so far has been:

Monday, Wednesday: 3:30-9
Friday: 3-9
Saturday: 9am - 9pm

The times scheduled for robotics makes 30 hours by itself plus additional time doing things for robotics. And the second week has only just finished! 30 days left until ship :yikes:

i dont get weekends anymore because of the school and robotics…

its like i never leave…

i have to stay all night some times when i get a good idea.