Time to Apply for FIRST Scholarships!

Now that the robot, animation, chairman’s award, Woodie Flowers essay and all other parts are done - it is time to think about yourself and college scholarships.

This year 2.5 million dollars in scholarships are available exclusively for FIRST participants with the complete list of scholarships detailed in the FIRST manual.

For sponsors to keep offering FIRST scholarships, they need to see people applying for the scholarships they offer.

As one who has been closely involved with the 7 “transportable” ASME scholarships, I assure you that the scholarship offers are proportional to the demonstrated interest. This is real money that is on the table for the taking.

I’ve included details on the ASME scholarship below in an effort to drum up applications. Best of luck to all - Vince


To recognize and reward students whose FIRST experience has inspired an interest in pursuing an
engineering career, ASME International (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) will award
seven (7) $5,000 scholarships to high school seniors active on FIRST teams, who are nominated by
ASME members or student members who are also active with FIRST. These awards will be for the first
year of study (non-renewable) in an accredited* Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering
Technology program. The recipients will be announced at the FIRST Championship.

Nomination and Student Eligibility

Members of ASME, including student members, may nominate no more than one student each. Students
must be:
• Graduating high school seniors active on FIRST teams, and
• Planning to enroll full-time in an ABET-accredited or substantially equivalent* Mechanical
Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology program, no later than the fall after their
senior year in high school.

Nomination Requirements

Applicants must complete the ASME/FIRST Scholarship Nomination Form, downloadable from the
ASME Education web page http://www.asme.org/education/precollege/first/firstapp.pdf.

Attached to the
form should be the following:
• A nomination letter from an ASME member or student member attesting to the student’s
technical, creative and leadership contributions to the FIRST team;
• Evidence of the student’s outstanding academic performance and other relevant activities
(transcript, and/or resume or activity list with GPA information); and
• Financial Data worksheet (p.2 of downloadable Nomination form) as evidence of financial
Submission Requirements/Deadline
• FOUR (4) COPIES of the nomination form and accompanying materials must be submitted.
• Materials must be POSTMARKED BY MARCH 3, 2003 and sent to:
Theresa Oluwanifise
Education Department
ASME International
Three Park Avenue, 23-S1
New York, NY 10016-5990
Tel: 1-800-THE-ASME (1-800-843-2763)
Fax: 1-212-591-7143
E-mail: [email protected]


ASME International has promoted FIRST widely since 1996, when the two organizations signed an
agreement of affiliation. ASME International is a 125,000 member professional organization, active for
more than a century in supporting the profession of engineering through establishing codes and standards,
publishing technical journals, participating in educational accreditation, and hosting seminars and
conferences. ASME is committed to promoting technological literacy, and supports FIRST as an
outstanding means for engineers to be positively involved with young people and promote hands-on
understanding of engineering.
The college a student is planning to attend must have a Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Mechanical
Engineering Technology (MET) program accredited by the Accreditation Board on Engineering
Technology (ABET) or substantially equivalent. Questions about whether a given program has received
this accreditation may be answered by the college or university, or by checking listings on the ABET
website (www.abet.org). For degree programs outside the U.S., contact ASME for further information

Here is the offical list of FIRST scholarships.

Seniors, time runeth out.
Juniors look now, so you can get a general idea for when to start next year.


I <3 free money