Time To Climb ;)

How quick will your robot climb and to what position? :slight_smile: Choose your best option! And sorry for the length of options lol

30 pt climb in under 10 seconds? WINNING!!! lol:confused:

It will be interesting to compare this to actual climbs once the season is over…

How many <10 second climbs have actually be tested/shown? I’d like to bet that there are more “theoretical” <10 second climbers than will be shown (but that’s almost always the case, non?)

10 point climbs…several. Anything higher, I don’t believe has been shared.

i agree with you guys. Just like the bridges last year:mad:

And I think it’s safe to say that climbing is roughly 10^5 times harder :smiley:

i completly agree. Yet teams are always going to say they can do it when they are no where near doing it. They do it once in 4 minutes in practice and then they think they can do it always :frowning: though i can say i see it in our team at times also

There was a 30 climb shown earlier this week (albeit from the robot’s perspective) by Team 2481 that looks like about as fast as you’ll be able to get on a 30 point climb that, combined with a misinterpretation of the poll’s answers, gave rise to my statement.

I’m betting that any decent team will have a simple <10 second ten point climber by their last regional/ championships. Probably of the non-mechanical type shown earlier in the season.

Competitions will be very interesting this year; I think this year’s game leaves room for a lot of tweaks at competition.

Agreed…barring unusual strategies or circumstances, any robot that does not at least have a quick, passive 10 point climb system could be considered to be “doing it wrong.”

Depends. A 10 point climb can be a simple passive wedge-like device, not much harder than balancing the bridges, which requires a powered device to lower them and a decent drivetrain. A 30 point climb, however, is one of the hardest challenges ever given by FIRST.

And their climb was about 20-24 seconds. I agree with you and i think that is amazingly fast!

Right on. I’d argue a 10 point hang can be easier (less practice/driver dependence) than a balance, but beyond that, it gets dramatically difficult.

Adding a wedge is (theoretically) easy, much like a balance last year. I doubt there will be many teams able to add a 20 or 30 point mechanism during competition season, unlike last year, where a wide robot which might not have been able to find robots to triple balance with during qualifications might be able to have partners that facilitate a triple during eliminations or at later competitions.

Bottom line, we can expect to see a lot of iteration this season.

I think that the teams that can use stored energy to climb to gain 5 more seconds at the end of the game will be the winners, because they can spend more time on the field and less time on the pyramid. Even if their strategy takes like 5-15 seconds, They would only use 0-10 seconds of their “game” time to climb the pyramid.

Final determination of climb status takes place 5 seconds after the end of teleop…not the 15 seconds your post suggests.

Thanks for catching my mistake. My mentor (who is a picture mod & CD poster child) actually caught it and texted me about my mistake! :smiley: