Time to Climb

Hi, our team was discussing the climb, and we figured out that there are no specifications on the time the robots have to climb. Do you know if the robots can climb only during the last 30s of the match, or is it possible to scale on the rungs during any moment of the match?

it appears to me you can climb at any time
just have to be in the hangar
and points are only scored at the end of the match


To my understanding, robots can climb at any point during the match. However, until the last 30 seconds, the opponent can be in your hanger area and thus interfere with your climb.


If you’re contacting the Rungs, though… I have to double-check but IIRC rung contact also protects you.

Unless you are touching the mid, high, or traversal bar (but yeah, maybe interfere before you make contact, but risky for that opponent).


My thought exactly. I can’t imagine if you start climbing with 45 seconds left that anyone would try to stop you

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I agree, the majority of teams would probably focus on scoring instead, and there is always the risk of damaging another robot when interfering with climbs, which could potentially result in fouls

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