Time to join "FRSee" - Virtual Collaboration Network

Greetings FIRST FRC Teams:

Build season is almost here and its time again join the FRSee network!

FRSee is an opportunity for your team to greatly increase its contact and collaboration with other FRC teams. Need some urgent help with programming? Want to show off your latest prototype? How many teams are also working late tonight? Imagine being able to meet face-to-face with your pick of many other FRC teams at any time during the hectic build season to seek help, share ideas, or offer your expertise!

FRSee is a virtual collaboration network of FIRST FRC teams that stay in touch via Skype video conferencing. While video-calling between FIRST teams is nothing new, getting them organized into a single nationwide network is. By logging into the FRSee network during their build season working hours, teams can instantly seek or provide help at any time by browsing the list of online teams, and initiating a video call.

**FRSee **already has dozens of member teams from the 2011 season. The more teams that participate, the larger the collaboration community will be. The number of teams available to contact could grow into the hundreds. If you participated in 2011, you are still registered and can use your existing Skype account.

How can you participate?
It’s easy. Read the attached Getting Started Guide to learn how to install Skype on your computer, register with FRSee, update your contact list, and you’re in!

FRSee is administered by Team Titanium 1986 from Lee’s Summit, Mo. Once you join FRSee, we’ll keep you continually updated with the latest contact list of FRSee teams and other updates.

Have questions or need help getting started?
Drop us an email at FRSee.mail@gmail.com
Visit the FRSee website at www.teamtitanium.org/FRSee
or contact our Skype account: FRSee_admin

Hope to “see” you online!

FRSee Getting Started Guide.pdf (1.97 MB)

FRSee Getting Started Guide.pdf (1.97 MB)

Very interesting. Since the EWCP is always looking to help out other teams, I’ll bring it up with the guys.

Good luck.

Looks great! :smiley:

I know 1071 had a great time using this last year, and can’t wait to go give it a go again this year!

I mentor multiple teams through GOFIRST, a University of Minnesota- TC Alumni Organization, and was wondering if there are FIRST Support organizations that would like to be part of the community do you have a format for the skype name we should use?


The name format simply makes teams easier to find and the team list organized, but we have mentors, alumni, and groups in FRSee without the team format name. If you are a group or individual that is not with a team, use any name you wish that helps others find and identify you, and we will in include it in the roster.

Would it be okay if I added my personal Skype account until I get my team’s approval to make once for them?

Same question.

A network of individual team members could quickly become unmanageable, so we would like to stick with team accounts or independent mentors and groups if possible. The network is not really active until build season starts, so there is plenty of time to get your team account set up once your team gets together. It only takes a few minutes.