Timers don't start

Our team has been having trouble with the WPILib Timer class, since the Get() method always returns 0.

void Fenrir::AutonomousInit() {

void Fenrir::AutonomousPeriodic() {
", timer.Get());

timer is an instance variable of Fenrir, which is our main robot class that inherits from IterativeRobot. When we run the above code, it constantly prints 0 and never changes. We’ve also tried using the HasPeriodPassed() and GetFPGATimestamp() methods, but they don’t work either. What could the problem be?

Thanks in advance!

This seems odd to me. But the one missing item would be timer.Reset() in AutonomousInit() … OH and another thing comes to mind… put a printf in AutonomousInit() to ensure you’ve really gotten in there. If you never get the .Start…then you’ll always get zero.