timers in user_routines_fast

hi, I’m trying to create a generic timer in user_routines_fast. I don’t need any exact amount of time to be calculated, just about 2/3 of a second. the code I’m using basically acts like this:

static int counter = 0;

if (counter >= 20)
//now I’m at where I want to get after 20 program loops
counter = 0;

but I’m not having any luck in the fast file. what am I doing wrong? I have no problems in user_routines, but in fast everything doesn’t work timer-wise. any ideas or help? thanks.


In user routines, you are counting loops timed by the master uP communicating with the OI. Each loop takes about 26 milliseconds so your counter should take about a half second to “trip”.

In user routines fast, there is no such delay and the loop is timing as fast as it can, With a 40 MHz clock (and ignoring other code which you may have in the fast loop) your timer will “trip” in about 1 microsecond (maybe less).



It’s highly recommended to use one of the hardware timers instead of counting loops. There’s been extensive discussion on these guys and they aren’t very difficult to use - you’ll love them! :slight_smile: