Times for Final Day at Regional Competition

So, our school’s prom is the night of the final day of the Colorado Regional, which we are attending. This, as I’m sure you can imagine, has the potential to pose issues with scheduling.

What times have your regionals gotten out on that last day after the closing ceremony?

The Autodesk Oregon Regional (RIP, you’ll be missed) usually got out by 6:00, and frequently earlier. Assuming that prom starts around 8:00, you should have enough time to at least pack up the pit and take a shower in between. Dinner might be a little tricky, though.

Also, if you make it to Champs, then there’s always RoboProm :slight_smile:

I have seen regionals end after the scheduled time, particularly if all elims go to three matches and there is a replay or two. It is impossible to predict in advance.

You’re more likely to get out early if you’re not in elims, but no one hopes for that.

Well, I have to stay through the closing ceremony one way or the other, as I was nominated for Dean’s List. Thanks for your input, though.