Timing Belt Clamp

HI guys:

I’m working on a project and need a timing belt clamp plate. Specifically one for and XL pitch belt. I can’t find them anywhere. Anyone have a good method for attaching a open ended timign belt to something? Or a source for clamping plates?

sdp-si has the specs for just what I need but they dont’ stock it anymore

Thanks in advance for any help.

Try a local distributor of XL timing belts (a Gates dealer, for example). They’ll usually stock one brand or another of accessories.

But if you don’t have a need for extra-precise tooth engagement, you can easily mill such a clamp from bar stock (just use a small milling cutter, and the right spacing).

None of mine do. I’ve tried. I had to show them pictures of what they were. I did find someone that gave me a quote on a gates clamp. They wanted $50 per for a 3/8" wide clamp. And I need lots of them. Hoping surely someone has them for less. I don’t have a mill handy. Need to minimize my “borrowed” mill time.

Thanks, Scott

Will the belt be running in a continuous fashion (as in, every part of the belt will come into contact with a pulley at some point in time)? If not, there are some other ways you can attach it.

screws, zip ties, super glue, quick clamp.

If your more specific, then we can all suggest better ideas. Maybe a diagram? :wink:

But if you specifically want somethign like the picture, try taking 2 pieces of timing belt( if the belt your clamping is double sided ) and 2 pieces of some sort of plate and then just run a few bolts through the whole thing

End plates: http://www.mcmaster.com (catalog page 976 & 977 - bottom of pages) Prices in the same $50 range

Thanks guys. It is a reciprocating slider table, the clamp never reaches the pulleys.

I need to “attach” the belt to the sliding part. While I hadn’t thought of cable ties, and the thought is actually appealing, I’m making my device for myslef as well as others. I need to to look “manufactured” and zip ties might not pass. However, it is still an interesting thought. I actually have a nice high dollar Thomas and Betts zip tie tensioning and cutoff tool. But alas, would look kind homemade I think. Short term probably OK, but long term it might not work that great.

I had considered just bolting the thing (belt) with a washer to the sheet of Alu it’s to mount onto, but figured it’s long term wear might not be so good, and again, don’t want a DIY looking thing. I had not however considered turning in piece of belt for the interface. I don’t think the XL teeth will mesh, but I’ll check.

re the McMaster catalog. I wasn’t that familiar with them. They too are pricey as well, but at least they have them without a convoluted quoting and ordering process. Thanks for that source, they probably have more I can use from time to time.

I’ve asked spdi for a quote on their plastic ones maybe they won’t be too high.

For those suggesting bolting through the belt, anyone actually do that and have good success? I’ll probably be using poly/kevlar belts. My load is about 4 lbs with a 3/8" belt.

Thanks again guys. I’m not a robotics person per se, but I figured the experienced people here woudl have tried some different methods with this problem.

Best, Scott

Okay, so if the joint is always in the air, you can do what we did for our 2004 robot (which happened to be 3/8 wide XL belt btw). Take each end of the belt and fold it over itself such that the teeth interlock and you now have a loop on the end. Keep it in this configuration either with a few zip ties or an aluminum cable ferrule (which you need to smash/crimp into place). Then you can join the ends with something like a nice aluminum turnbuckle to allow for tension adjustment. :slight_smile:

Thanks, good idea, but I dont’ have enought space for that. Only have 4" to do my join, and attach to the slider plate

Could you just overlap the two open ends of the belt, and then pop rivet it together? The teeth in the belt will take most of the side load, and the rivets will just hold the two together. Plus, it’ll look a lot more “professional” than a few zip ties.


Thanks very much for the ideas an input guys. Sincerely appreciated.

I finally tracked down where to get some (reasonably) today. One of my timing pulley contacts pointed me to one of them, I found the other. FYI< here they are:

Still high but I ordered some:
www.polytech.com $31.82 45x42mm
then of course I found the best place:
50x120mm $22.80
They have larger sizes but those weren’t in stock. I can cut out the widths I need from these and probably get 4 or more out of each one.