timing belt for minibot

hey all does anyone know if we are allowed to use a timing belt for the minibot if any detail that would be great.

I don’t see “timing belt” listed anywhere in <R92>, unless it’s in the Tetrix catalog.

Would rubber bands or surgical tubing work as well? Those are listed in <R92> as legal.

A timing belt is not among the permitted parts/components per R 92 …but you can make a belt of sorts out of the surgical tubing;)

You can use Tetrix roller chain - if you’re willing to live with the sticker shock. I’m not sure if you can just supply your own 25 chain and just buy their sprockets - you’d have to Q&A that.

Tetrix roller chain is standard #25 chain
You could make your own sprockets out of the allowed aluminum sheet…not too difficult actually.

Making a belt out of tubing might work…
You would have to design some sort of pulley for that…and make that our of polycarb or aluminum…Not sure how well it would transmit power though… It would probably work…You could join the ends of the tubing with an internal plug with barbs made out of polycarb…

Actually using a drive system that is made out of moving surgical tubing is worth considering.
I am not sure how it would be implemented…

The surgical tubing would act as the wheel…with perhaps three “tubing” wheels around the post… might work

We have moved many things using conveyer tubing…

at least it is an idea