Timing belt size

Just a quick question, what size is the timing belt and the sprockets that go with it (the ones from the kit)? I need to order a few from McMaster just in case, but I can’t find their tooth size and such.


They are 5mm pitch sprockets. The small ones are 16 tooth 9mm wide sprockets. The medium ones are 32 teeth and 15mm wide. The large one is 56 teeth and 15mm wide.

There were 3 belts in the kit all also 5mm pitch. There are two 535mm belts, one 9mm wide and one 15mm wide. The other belt is 900mm long and 15mm wide.

Is there a teeth per inch measurement? Thanks soo much for your help!

EDIT: Nevermind, missed the pitch you already stated. Thanks alot!

EDIT2: Also, what are the shaft diameters on the CIMs this year? We have to replace an old CIM is why I ask, and we won;t be able to get the current timing belt pulley off of it, hence why we are ordering more.

The CIM motors have an 8mm shaft. 8mm is also very close to 5/16" if that helps.

Burt, if you have a few days to spare I’d recommend going to SDP-SI for timing pulleys (www.sdp-si.com). Their selection of GT2 & HTD pulleys beats the pants off McMaster, and they’re quite a bit cheaper. We’ve been using their polycarb w/ aluminum insert pulleys on our shooter for the past month with zero problems.

And as an FYI, most curved-profile belts and pulleys are compatible, so an HTD, GT, or GT2 pulley with work with the 5mm pitch belt provided in the KOP.

You can even get by with a 20DP gear in a pinch. Our shooter/dumper is powered by a CIM with a 12-tooth 20DP, 14.5PA gear from a first generation AM Shifter. The 15mm wide, 5mm pitch belt fits into the profile perfectly and we have NEVER had any issues with that aspect of our system.

This only works with small gears, the differences in pitch catch up with you as the gear size gets larger.


That’s sort of what I figured, but thanks for confirming it. We just picked up a gear in our shop and thought “by God! A perfect fit!”