Timing belts

I was wondering if some one can give me a link to find 1-2in wide timing belts. Also was wondering to here feed back from teams that have used it are the types you recommend and have to had problems with it. I m planning on using it in an elevator system so pics of your teams will help spark some ideas! thnx:D

As always, McMasterCarr (www.mcmaster.com) has a huge selection - but not necessarily at the lowest prices.

You can also try Motion Industries.

I would search around CD too. There are lots of threads on timing belts and a lot of discussion.

Last year’s KOP had smaller width timing belts and pulleys included. They were Gates parts. Take a look at page 1 of the Kit of Parts checklist for 2008, which is downloadable from the FIRST website.

You can also go to your local auto parts store, tell them that you are a robotics genius, and you are trying to find a timing belt thats about yay-long and yay-wide, can you look through their stock? Its a lot easier then to just go through the hundreds of belts they will likely have.

Another good source for belts, pulleys, etc is stock drive products.

http://www.sdp-si.com/ (click on buy online)

I have used them many times, they have a wide variety and ship quick.


ditto on these guys