Timing in Labview

This year our shooter requires ~1.5 seconds to warm up before the rollers feeding the shooter can be activated, and the way it is set up now, the driver has to remember this to have the shooter be consistent. Forgetting this has caused problems by not letting the shooter warm up, resulting in completely missing the goal. I see the best way to do this is with a timed control, having the shooters spin up for 1.5 seconds, then having the rollers run for 2 seconds after the shooter has started upon a single button push. All of the programming I’ve ever need to do for the teleop control was simple joystick–>element programming, only having the element activated when a button/axis is pushed, and release when the button/axis is let go. I have no idea how to implement the timing idea in Labview, so can someone please give an example on how to do this? Thanks in advance for any help!

You need to use a state machine or a parallel task.

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