Timing with the Driver Station

Does anybody know the rate at which packets arrive at the cRIO from the driver station? Is it a constant?

I can’t find anything specifically, but I would say it is not constant. It’s a TCP stream as far as I am aware.

You probably shouldn’t depend on DS packet timing, but instead use a different timer which you can control.

Is there a way to calculate delta time in Labview?

There may be a way, though I haven’t tested it. Under Real-Time -> Real-Time Timing there is a tick count (presumably of the processor) that you read from, which you can also set to mSec or uSec, which would probaby get you the resolutino you need.

Under Timers, use Tick Count. It’s millisecond resolution so it should be enough. Then just save the value through whatever method you want and subtract from the current Tick Count whenever you want the delta.

50Hz (it’s in the headers if you look)

Thanks for the info on delta time, I’ll create a shift register.