TIMS Dashboard Down?

Trying to run a group student registration meeting, but when I try to log into the TIMS dashboard, I get a “not found” error. It was like this last night too. I’m thinking it is related to the event selection (since it ended mid-day yesterday). Is everyone having this issue?

Mine seems to be working fine, although it did make me log in three times rather than the normal two times I seem to always get.

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They just really REALLY wanted to make sure it’s you. Normally I only have to log in twice, and log out twice.


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I will never understand in this day and age, why TIMS still is his bad. As a programmer, and member of a team where one of the other mentors is an accomplished web designer and programmer. Their site just stinks. I keep thinking of what we should be telling them to make it better… the signup process is just broken. It’s so hard for Students and then their parents to get it done.

How can we fix this? what can we do to help First to do to make it better?

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Welp, it finally resolved on its own so :man_shrugging:

Contact the Team Advocate. KEEP contacting the Team Advocate. Wash rinse repeat.

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