TIMS Event Registration

I just wanted to post how easy it was this year with the TIMS system adding an event for our first regional. Last year it took me 6 hours to fight the crowd to get both my teams registered for the Florida regional. It is now 12:01 and team 1390 is in without any hassle. Great job FIRST!

Ditto… A few small problems, but we are good to go.


same thing for 1712…

I’m very impressed. The process was smooth and quick.

Team 1114 is now registered for the Great Lakes Regional.

same here, a huge improvement over previous years…i’m impressed.

I’ll add to the previous comments. I was so used to this process being extremely painful, that I braced myself, postponed meetings for a few hours, and hunkered down.

Fortunately, so far so good.

It does seem that to speed things up, the event information is not being updated in realtime on the FIRST website. I am sure that is one reason why our pain is less.

Remember all - you are not officially registered for the event until you pay your registration fee!

Overall, a great improvement. Now we are in the 21st century!

It looks like the number of teams registered per regional is being updated, but we are not supplied with a team list.

Wow. We are registered for the VCU/Richmond Regional and the Championships. The whole process took less than five minutes - a massive improvement. Good job FIRST!


Team 1902 is registered for the Florida Regional in less than a half hour…which considering this was the first time I ever did it…pretty quick. I had heard nightmares!!!

Thanks FIRST

I see no link listed below the ‘Action’ heading under Event Registration. Hrm.

When we pre-registered, our team information had somehow been lost or otherwise assigned to someone else, so I wonder if we’re still somehow messed up in the database.

Have you contacted them?

Another of our mentors is on the phone with them right now because she tried and saw the same thing that I did.

Edit: It’s all squared away. Now to register for another one.

I got in and out and received the confirmation email for FIRST and it was time stamped 12:01 pm. Sweet! A huge improvement over the last few years of struggling to get into the system. :smiley:


Regional Team Lists are now posted and being updated.

I watched our mentor sign up for this year, it looked amazingly easy. We did have a couple problems getting on but I think it was a problem with our school district’s proxy.

But I blame Barry because he has an Osceola team too!

There are no teams showing on the pending column except for the championship. Did all teams actually pay up front? We did.
If thats the case, some regionals are closing fast. It will make second choices harder.

Same deal as last year’s registration.
For the first event only, teams just sign-up to be registered. Payment can come later.

For those optional second+ Regionals opening up at the end of the month and Championship,
first-paid = first-registered.
Signing up only serves to get us on the “Pending” list.

Thanks Mark,
So what you are saying it’s OK stop pulling what little hair I have left out. :rolleyes:
I appreciate it.

Detroit is full, Kansas City is down to 1, and Florida is down to 2.

Second regional registration could be ALOT harder than last year.

And thank you FIRST for the best TIMS system I have ever seen. I think it took 2 minutes to register for 2 competitions.