TIMS failing

Still cannot submit my kids for Dean’s List awards… :frowning:

Is anyone else seeing “(not open yet)” under the Dean’s List option?

I had to teach a class right at 11:45, and was having technical issue with the submission at that time.

Still shows closed on TIMS. I don’t know if I consider CD an official source of notification that they are accepting Dean’s List nominations through email until 1:00 EST as posted four messages earlier.

We need to remember that this is more than just Dean’s List. The other Awards (Chairman’s, Website, WFA) also had the same deadline.

I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but you should have expected this issue. I’m not saying that FIRST doesn’t have to be responsible for server upkeep, but you are responsible for submitting your awards by noon on the specified day. This issue arose last year and members of this community (including myself) warned teams to get their entries in as early as you could on the deadline date.

FIRST servers aren’t like FIRST teams. They fail under pressure. When every team tries to pull off the manual after kickoff, they fail. When everyone is checking match scores, they can fail. When everyone tries to register for CMP, they fail. No reason to expect they wouldn’t fail here.

FIRST can easily not change this deadline, but you could have easily worked on it and turned it in at an earlier time. I’ve dealt with teachers and professors that are just as cutthroat over deadlines like this one, and these people do not represent a multinational organization like FIRST.

Sorry for the errors guys. Hope you got your stuff in or FIRST extends the deadline for those who didn’t. Remember this as a lesson for next year.

Looks like the deadline is now Feb. 17th. I was able to login just now and finally submit my team’s Dean’s List candidates.

Thank you FIRST for listening to your teams !

An email blast will be coming out shortly on this. Deadline is now noon EST tomorrow, Feb 17th.


Greetings Teams:

Due to a technical issue with TIMS and STIMS, we are extending FRC award submission deadlines to Friday, 2/17/12 at 12 PM ET for the Website, Chairman’s, Woodie Flowers and Dean’s List Awards.

Please have your team’s designated award submitter(s) login to their account to submit your team’s award(s) by the extended deadline.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Go Teams!

FRC Team Support

LOL yeah this happened in me too, I was kind of panicking, but I kept refreshing and going back one page. In eastern time, i made the mistake of trying to submit at 11:49 Eastern Time(I was in class, but we were doing research).

I got the same errors, and actually also internal server errors.

So yeah, lesson learned: submit early LOL.

Still though, since they extended the deadline by a day… -.-, i shouldve known this earlier

Kinda surprised by this. Hope they let me back in to make a few edits I wanted.