TIMS issue, anyone?

I can’t get into TIMS at all…blank page only…tried another computer at a different location (different ISP) and the same thing happened.

anyone else having problems?


thanks, Liz

looks like the site is down right now. Check back later…they might be doing maintenance or something.

I’m getting this error in STIMS and VIMS, so my guess would be they’re just all down for the time being.

usfirst seems to be having issues as well as I was trying to access information on local Regionals.

For what I needed I could still find it on TBA.

I was notified earlier today that there would be maintenance on VIMS at some point this week. It is possible that it is effecting the other systems as well.

The interesting thing is they didn’t mention TIMS being impacted, and the window is supposedly set for Thursday. Perhaps this is unrelated…

It’s working again.

yep, looks good again…thanks, everyone!