Thanks FIRST. TIMS is smooth this year.

Agreed. The entire registration process for our first event took about 30 seconds. Registration opened at 12:00, we were logged in at 12:01, and finished with the process by 12:02. In contrast with prior years, it was “like bud-dah!”


Indeed… amazingly smooth! So starts another season…

smooth …see you in BOSTON

I wonder how the numbers from here (choose FRC) are matching up with the numbers say from here which currently says each of the following simultaneously:

View the 74 teams registered for this event
Pending Teams: 37

FIRST Robotics Competition Teams Attending Hawaii Regional (8 teams found.)

Some of the other regionals show in the 200s as being ‘registered for this event’.

Edit: Noticing that the numbers add as you go down the list…


TIMS is working fabulously this year. I can actally eat my lunch and not have to look at error messages on my computer screen. :smiley:

As was previously mentioned, our team signed up for two events (first regional and Championship) in about 1 minute.

Thank you to all involved in vastly improving this system!!!


I miss those days. When it would get to the last screen of about 20 and then lock you out.

It was easy, got both teams registered and changed the contact info in about 2 minutes.

Kudos to FIRST this year for the efficiency of TIMS. In, registered and out in under two minutes. Confirmation email time stamped at 12:01. Nice…:smiley:

I have to agree. Email time stamped at 12:00 PM – can’t get much faster than that.

Worked for a rookie team too - we got our number and we got our regional, email timed 12:01.

Since I wasn’t doing it, I can’t say how easy it was. But it worked.